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Poker sites to be blocked by Australian Government?
March 21, 2009
If a leaked version of the list of sites that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) intends to block Australians from accessing should turn out to be correct, poker sites could be off-limits for Australians in the near future. The controversial Australian internet filter is intended to stop pedophiles from gaining access to child pornography, but is now threatening to morph into an Australian version of the Great Firewall of China.

It should be mentioned that an Australian government spokesperson has denied the authenticity of the list, which was published on the whistle-blower site But this latest controversy will only add to the concern and disapproval that the filtering program has elicited among Australians.

Major Australian ISP's have refused to cooperate with testing of the filtering software, amidst fears that the process could slow Internet speeds significantly and growing concern about the desirability of this kind of increase in government control of information, without any possibility of appeal. Besides online poker sites, other targets on the leaked list include sites on abortion and even certain youtube videos.